Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guru Trader Video - Today's Small-Cap Breakout Stocks

LNE Loon Energy $0.14 +.085 6m YH,
NTR Northern Tiger Res. $0.76 +.11 5m NH,
AVR Avion Gold $0.94 +.08 2m NH,
USA U.S. Silver Corp. $0.59 +.05 3m YH,
TRR Trelawney Mining and Exp. $1.91 +.17 3m NH,
XEL Xcite Energy $3.48 +.36 1m NH,

ELR Eastern Platinum $1.85 +.03 4m YH,
BTO B2Gold Corp. $2.41 +.12 4m NH,

URRE Uranium Resources Inc. $1.75 +.04 5m YH

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