Monday, March 15, 2010

Guru Trader Video - Today's Small-Cap Breakout Stocks

Eagle Hill Exploration V.EAG $0.47 +.035 8m NH,
Spider Resources V.SPQ $0.14 +.035 11m YH,
PMI Gold Corp V.PMV $0.155 +.015 6m YH,
Goldeye Explorations V.GGY $0.115 +.015 4m YH,
TransAmerican Energy V.TAE $0.115 +.06 3m,
Paramax Resources V.PXM .185 +0.085 3m YH,
East Asia Minerals V.EAS $5.17 +0.38 1m YH,

Cline Mining Corp CMK $0.95 +.22 1m YH,

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